Thursday, May 21, 2015

Brown Thrashers

Every year in April for the past few years I`ve had the brown thrashers arrive the week of the 20th of April. They hit my feeder right away . At first there was only one, but over the years he found a mate & I was so happy to have them nesting here in the yard/forest raising babies. I can hear them this year, but far away in the woods & none at the feeder. I am also missing the many catbirds. I have a pair, but that`s it. I don`t know what happened, I blame the snake , but there`s been a pair of hawks nesting at my neighbor`s too. I have not been able to capture photos of them. I don`t believe that they raised any baby hawks this year though.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Yesterday was 1 year at 11:30 am that my dear husband left to go to heaven. I am not going to post about it every year either.

This is what I put in our newspaper, you may have to click on it to make it large to read easier. I read him Sarah Young`s book the night before as he was thrashing & thrashing about , it seemed the devil & God were fighting over who would take him tho I know he went with our Lord. He died in our living room in the hospice bed with rails in the middle of our living room , his eyes ever on heaven, & as he took his last breath, & looked over at the kitchen, & his eyes followed something...then there was a joyous bark, not coming from here , it came from wherever he was looking, & I wonder if it was Maggie who first met him at the gate with all the others because our parrot had been saying Maggie , come on Maggie...& no one has said her name since she died. He would feed her banana pops all the time which put her a little over her weight bracket back then.

I am content. This year has been terrible, the worst winter ever as far as being cold, & I often wondered why God is keeping me here.

 Rich was unable to get a second liver even tho he had his transplanted one just 2 days shy of 21 years. He took very good care of it, but Hep C is unkind to your blood & will attack the liver again , this time his kidney also was going bad. Sadly, the new drug, Harvoni, would be coming out less than a year after he died that is a cure now for it. I myself am on the last course of treatment because after being married for 40 years you tend to share everything, razors, Hep C was discovered when the RA doctor was going to put me on methotrexate & my blood test came back positive for it. It never destroyed my liver, but thank the dear Lord for my job with the state of PA I was able to afford this drug to get rid of it for it costs $1000 a pill for 12 weeks. I am on my last few weeks of taking it, then I`ll be tested.

Our only son, age 41, gave such a great speech at his dad`s funeral, however his addiction grew worse & now he is gone as well, almost like a second death for me to go through as he was sent to a state prison for 5 years. Not for killing anyone, or robbery, or anything like that, just because he would not stop drinking. He didn`t drink & drive. No, he was sitting in a van parked on a street back in 2009 in the winter, & when an officer came by & asked him why he didn`t go inside, it was cold out, my dear son said , I am locked in & can`t get out. The officer said, your window is down!  { At this point I always think, someone give that boy a sign!} So,  5 years probation, in & out, & in & out, house arrest, alcohol bracelet, never would stop, always got caught  drinking beer. I really thought he would stop when his dad died as he promised at the funeral- he was on the alcohol bracelet then,, but no, he got worse. The county said, we can`t make him follow the rules, so he needs to go upstate .Positive thing...maybe he`ll get a mental evaluation now, I`m trying to remain positive, he really has bipolar/pscy problems, it is genetic in both families.

Simon with Dominick & Savannah
Why did I put this out here? Don`t really know. But it has been pure hell here for awhile with my own disabilities , I`ve had some other problems too with a neighbor, but you know what? God is on my side & that`s what I count on every single day.
Dominick with Mia, had both kids this weekend

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Canon rebel eso 300d died...

This winter I had trouble with my very old dearest Canon. We had traveled far & wide with it, then the last year, just me & my canon. I replaced the battery door & the battery this winter, but when I took it to LACameras this week I learned something was seriously wrong with it. The shutter wasn`t working properly. I sent it to tech school, but bought a Canon Rebel SL1 just to feel complete, I felt like I was missing my right arm without it clutched in my hands. The tech confirmed my deepest worries, it really died & there were no parts to fix it. They don`t make the parts anymore.
So, now I have been trying to get used to this new one. Here are some pictures I took today..

Saturday, May 9, 2015


I have been friends for awhile with someone on facebook. This person turned against me, saying I need mental help because I want to save animals & find them a good home.{ I had rejected him}. This person when on to say mean things in messages to me till I finally blocked him. Last night I discovered he was on google plus following just me & another woman. He has no blog. He traveled back to a post I made in May of 2014 when my husband died, & made some terribly insulting remarks. I finally found how to block him on google plus. Now I wonder if a blog administrator could direct me on how to press charges against him. I cannot believe someone who would claim to be a Christian  would stoop that low to hurt someone. Facebook did say that they were sorry I had a bad experience with him.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wed. Wild birds More robins!

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alright already!!!
Sun. when I drew the curtains open, this is what I saw, robins fighting to get that drink of water. I hurriedly took mealworms down & filled the dish to the rim.
ok, stop embarrassing me here
I was here first, quit your pushin`!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sat.`s critters .id rather b birdin` and funny story

On a road close to my home there runs a gasline. The soil must be warmer along the gasline because the snow always melts the whole way up & down &green grass was showing at the end of Jan. I was driving down the road without my camera, & saw flocks of robins digging in that green grass. Of course no one believed me.
On Feb 7th I looked out my kitchen window & exclaimed to my friend on the phone, there is a robin in the tree out here. I hurriedly told Linda, wow, he must be waiting to get to the feeder, he is after the very expensive mealworms I bought at Tractor Supply. She said her goodbyes so I could try & get a picture. I grabbed my camera, & crept from window to window, snapping pictures. The 5 dogs all were sensing my excitement, so they tried to get in on whatever action was taking me to the door. I couldn`t believe he wasn`t flying away with all the barking & commotion. I get to the door & realized the "bird" had never moved. He also had no head! It was a rotten apple clinging to the tree outside my door!!!!!
Well, my creditability was shot with my friends. I excitedly told them, I DO have the flock of robins here that I saw in Jan.! I was able to prove it this time.  They were gathering mud in the lane, perhaps to make nests with? I hope they got the nests made because we are in for below 0 wind chills here tonight.
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rotten apple
waving at me

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sat`s critters

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This week I am sharing a red shouldered hawk from Feb. 2013. I believe they have been nesting in my neighbors woods. Not the clearest  pictures....