Sunday, September 28, 2014

Chambersburg Saddle Club Sept.28

It`s only a hop ,skip ,& jump from my home , but I had never went to the horse show right down the road,& it is free to watch. So, my son had been there before & said ,let`s go for a little while . It was mostly barrel racing , take the flag from the bucket & put it back in then. The horses seemed to be having a great time too.
what beautiful eyes
they allowed the little ones to participate too

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Play Time with my kids

Pretty Mia, sleeps on the pillow in bed beside me
A beautiful fall day spent playing with my pets...I so needed it, been fixing drywall, painting, & my back was warning me to take a break...
Bandit ,the  sheltie ,the  boss of everyone
silly Belle, thinks she is hiding in the hole she dug under the blue spruce
Chloe, what do you think of my grooming? she couldn`t see, so I wacked
groomed 4 bunnies, 4 more to go, my aching back...
got a lot of fiber to spin
Simon has been quite the "tomato" dog, eating tomatoes from a pan in my sink!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wild Bird Wed

This Wed I am sharing the hummingbird babies that are still here.I believe that their parents have already left. I spent yesterday afternoon outside picking peaches with my camera beside me. They are so curious, also appearing to look up to the sky as if they were searching for a sign as to when to go.

A female cardinal was feeding her baby, the baby looks great, but she looks a little frazzled.

The Carolina wren was molting too.

The photos may not load in order, but here`s my selection for Steward`s meme...go here to submit your photos
this could be a male,there`s a hint of red starting at his neck
poor mama
baby cardinal
give me a break!

hummingbird lingered while I picked peaches
jewelweed & zinnias the hummingbirds love these
so curious I will miss them when they go